Pregnancy Week 22

This week has been kind of strange. I’ve been in a funk, just not really feeling like myself. I don’t know what to do to snap out of it, either. Usually some time relaxing or walking outside or a couple days of really healthy eating will cheer me right up, but neither of those things has worked this week. I can’t really pinpoint the reason for the gloom, but it’s definitely here and I’m just trying to wait it out.

Oh, and there’s this super fun thing called pelvic floor pain that has entered into my life unwelcome. Is that TMI? Who cares, it’s lame and I feel like complaining talking about it. Basically it hurts to stand on one leg (which we do way more often that you might think, btw… think getting dressed) and to toss and turn in bed (which is what consumes about 40% of my night). It comes and goes, and really isn’t that horrible as far as the downsides of pregnancy go, so I’ll just be over here, forcing myself to suck it up. Unless you’re Adrien, in which case you’ll hear me whine every time I get a twinge of pain. Lucky guy, right??

In happier news, I’ve been feeling a little proud of my belly bump lately, and a few ballsy people have actually commented on it. Just yesterday, a homeless man asked me how far along I was! Can I just hashtag DowntownLiving real quick? 

I’ve now been walking about 4-5 times a week pretty consistently, and my FitBit is helping me stay on top of that. So is the fact that I’m trying to take Riley on longer walks because he has been having some hip problems and I think losing a few pounds will help him feel better and move better. Poor lil fella!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. Not a very exciting week, but next week should be interesting because we have our elective ultrasound this Saturday to find out whether Sesame Seed is a boy or a girl! We couldn’t find out at our anatomy scan at 18 weeks because we have an uncooperative little baby. The tech went from 85% sure it was a girl down to 75%, and by the end of our appointment she backpedaled to “I keep catching a glimpse of something but I can’t get a good angle on it. I really can’t tell you either way.” Hmmmm… So yes we are both very anxious to see what I’m packin’, and my mom is coming along, so it will be fun for the whole family.

Have a great weekend!

xo, Katy


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