Pregnancy Week 34

I’ve had a pretty happy, sunshiney pregnancy so far. No complications (knock on wood), not a huge amount of discomfort. Everything according to plan. Basically it’s been pretty easy. But ahhh, in the last couple weeks, how the tides have turned. All of a sudden things are getting a liiiiittle bit rough. So rather than be sunshiney and pretend it’s all still easy, how about I use this post to complain about all the annoying things? 🙂

Things that suck:

  • Carpal tunnel + arthritis pains in my fingers, hands, and wrists are serious. Like, hard-to-type-in-these-braces-I-have-to-wear serious.
  • Exhaustion is super exhausting. Ugh. It’s like I get one good day with tons of energy then one bad day when I can hardly move.
  • Random rib pain on my right side kiiiiind of feels like death. It’s stabby and maybe itchy and definitely annoying. All. The. Time.
  • Acid reflux. This is new within the last couple days. Makes it difficult to sleep or like, enjoy life after a meal.
  • Insomnia. Enough said.
  • My outtie belly button. Not cute. And you can see it through clothes. Adrien says it means I’m almost done. Like a turkey with one of those popper things. So flattering, right?

Ok, I should balance that out, right? Fine.

Things that are exciting and beautiful:

  • Every time I get worried that she is being too quiet and hasn’t moved in a while, I tell her I need her to move and she does. I think she gets me.
  • I’m enjoying looking pregnant. I mean, sure I wish I was one of those “all belly” pregnant ladies, but I do like that my baby belly can no longer be mistaken for a beer belly.
  • We hired a doula that we’re really excited about. I have a pretty crunchy birth plan. Who knows how it will end up going, but for now I’m planning to be as unmedicated as possible, and with Adrien & our doula there I really think I can do it.
  • As my due date is getting closer, I’m starting to be able to imagine her here. And it’s not all baby things. I like imagining a future with this little girl. She’s gonna be so amazing!

So it’s been what, 13 weeks since my last pregnancy update? I kind of suck. And I missed a bunch of good stuff in there. Like baby showers! I’ll write about those soon because they were amazing and I don’t want to forget a single thing about them! Oh, and how about the fact that I switched hospitals, completely changing up the care plan and prenatal care? That’s a big one, too. I promise, I’ll explain very soon 🙂

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