Secret Costs of Pregnancy

Aside from the obvious stuff like maternity clothes for your swollen belly, bigger shoes for your swollen feet, and the absurd costs of medical care and unpaid maternity leave, I’ve discovered some other, less publicized costs of pregnancy. This is the random stuff nobody tells you about.

Impulse buys. We’re talking snacks. Powdered mini donuts and chocolate, mostly. At least for me. Sometimes fruit. But obscene amounts of fruit. Oh, we have apples, pears, and bananas on the list? Good, got those. But grapes, cherries, peaches, and that 4 pound watermelon look good too. Might as well grab those while I’m here. And probably a good salty snack to balance out all that sweetness. Smart.

Toilet paper. Did anyone tell you that you’ll be going from normal consumption (1-2 rolls a week for a 2-person household) to upwards of a roll a day? I sure was warned about having to “go” more, but never really considered how my disdain for changing the roll would grow. A small nuisance of a chore was previously easily avoided… just don’t be the one to go when the roll is low. Easy. At least it WAS easy. Now I am stuck changing that damn roll every time. Every. Single. Day.

Shipping. I HATE paying for shipping. It’s the worst. Normal me will avoid it at almost any cost, including not buying something because I refuse to pay double just to get it shipped to me. But 8 month pregnant me will gladly pay $9.95 to avoid getting presentable (ugh), driving to the store (ugh), waddling up and down the aisles hoping to find the same deals I can find online (double ugh), and the worst of it all… dealing with people.

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