Wannabe Weekend Warriors

When I was a kid, as I was loading up my plate of food at dinner time, my mom would always warn me that my eyes were bigger than my tummy. Every single time, I rolled those big eyes, and almost every time, she was right, and I’d end up wasting a bunch of food. Although, if she mommed like I mom, she polished off the rest of my plate before doing the dishes, or scraped it back into the container of leftovers.

Well, now my eyes are bigger than my stamina. We’re such pretenders around here. We talk a big game about home improvement projects, but here we are, in the house we moved into 5+ weeks ago, and we’ve done NOTHING. I did try to color match paint, and that was a super-fail on both gloss level and color (who’s in charge of calibrating those machines, and wtf is with the “no returns” policy??). So, other than a replaced sprinkler in the backyard and a newly installed baby gate, we’re sitting in an essentially empty blank canvas of a house.

Let’s take a little look-see at the to-do list as it stands right this second (I’ll be publishing this post immediately because if I wait 10 minutes after writing, I’ll have to redo this list).

  • Paint our outdated oak kitchen cabinets
  • Paint kitchen accent wall (possibly all kitchen walls, depending on how we feel after the cabinet project)
  • Add sheet metal + chalk board feature to kitchen accent wall
  • Get new carpet for downstairs and stairs
  • Hang backpack hooks in the coat closet
  • Paint master bedroom (the scene of the color-match fail)
  • Get new master bedroom flooring (carpet? hardwood? who knows?)
  • Make or purchase window coverings for kitchen, living room, dining room, play room, kids’ rooms, our room, and loft
  • Replace screen door that’s ripped and laying up against the side of the house… we’re so classy
  • Paint master bathroom cabinets
  • Mount TV in master bedroom
  • Paint downstairs bathroom, add mounted storage crates and wall decor
  • Figure out the nursery… literally haven’t even started. Baby is due in less than 8 weeks.

Rattling that off felt like the beginning of a DIY Network show. But those assholes would have this all done in an hour. What about that show where they find an unsuspecting couple in the home improvement store and go redo their house for free? Why doesn’t that happen to me???

All morning, Adrien and I were googling and talking about paint colors, carpet samples, and other projects. “When B goes down for a nap, one of us can go to these 3 places and pick up these 15 things” we said. But here we are. It’s nap time, and I’m writing a blog post while he’s playing iPhone games.

If anyone has an idea as to where my DIY motivation disappears to every day, please let me know. I definitely won’t make it to 3 places or pick up 15 things today, but maybe I should go wander around Lowe’s for a while and hope that one of those beautiful DIY Network people asks to come home with me.

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